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Wawrzyniec Rymkiewicz

Head of the Department of the History of Polish Philosophy in the Philosophy Institute of the University of Warsaw.

Founder and editor-in-chief of the philosophical quarterly “Kronos”, Chairman of the Council of the Count August Cieszkowski Foundation.

He deals with German philosophy: the thoughts of Schelling, Nietzsche and Heidegger, with particular emphasis on their relation to classical Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle. The spectrum of his interests also includes Polish philosophy and the history of the Polish language, from which he draws intensively in his translation work, striving to develop Polish philosophical notionality. An expression of this is Martin Heidegger’s Dictionary of Terms, attached to the translation of Basic Problems of Philosophy, which is a sketchy attempt to restore fundamental German, Greek and Latin philosophical notions to the Polish language.

Author of books and philosophical translations:

Forms of existence. Heidegger by Aristotle (2015)

Someone and Nobody: an introduction to reading Heidegger (2002)

Martin Heidegger, Basic Problems of Philosophy – translation and terminological dictionary (2017)

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, Ages of World: a fraction of 1815 – translation, study and commentary (2007)

Author of translations of poetry by Charles Baudelaire and Guillaume Apollinaire.

Co-editor of the first Polish album devoted to Stanisław Szukalski, which he has given an extensive afterword.