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With Stake and Spade WITH STAKE AND SPADE Vampiric Diversity in Poland.
An Introduction and Sourcebook
If one were to weigh up the greatest Slavic contribution to global culture, vampires would certainly be a contender. Read more
How was The Manuscript Found in Saragossa
lost and is It worth finding?
MICHAŁ OTOROWSKI Can we solve the mystery of the author's life and death and find the true meaning of his book? Read more

About Foundation

Foundation Evviva L’arte was created for the purpose of running diverse activities for the sake of the development of culture, including, first of all, literature, visual arts, film and music, as well as of their promotion and popularisation.



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Strzygoń is a man who has two souls. When he dies, one leaves the body and the other remains in it…


and how to deal with him